Energy Management International Inc. was founded in 2002 to provide demand side energy management consulting services to industrial and manufacturing operations and to promote the science of Total Quality Energy. Total Quality Energy is lean energy quality control.

EMI is a team of seasoned energy professionals that are available to provide energy consulting services that collectively have over 200 years of experience in industrial, manufacturing and institutional energy management.


The EMI staff of Robert G. Botelho and Harvey E. Diamond authored two chapters titled “Industrial Energy Key Performance Indicators” and “Energy Conservation: Industrial Processes” to The Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technologies published in 2007 by the Association of Energy Engineers.

The Total Quality Energy management and monitoring system implemented at ISP Technologies Texas City, TX in 2007 was the recipient of the 2008 American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Award for “2008 vs. 2007 Annualized % Energy Savings” in the category of Energy Efficiency Program-Plant Site with Exceptional Merit. Award presented to ISP Chemicals director of engineering, Rob Pulce at the Industrial Energy Technology Conference in May 2009. The award judging committee was headed by Dr. Jim Eggebrecht who is the Director of the Energy Systems Laboratory at Texas A & M University in Austin, TX.

The Insteel Wire Co. contingency based energy management project at their Sanderson, FL facility was a 2013 nominee in the category of Energy Project of the Year for Region II by the Association of Energy Engineers. The site was nominated for the positive cash flow financing for the consulting services and the significant energy savings achieved from low cost and no cost measures, energy monitoring and cultural awareness.

EMI Inc. has provided energy consulting services to the following companies:

Premier Magnesia LLC, Ashland Chemical, Insteel Wire products Co., Borden-Remington Corp., Citgo Asphalt Refining, Criterion Catalysts Co. (Shell N.A.), SPI Polyols, SPI Pharma USA, ISP Chemicals, ISP Elastomers, ISP Technologies, Tate & Lyle Corp., Con-Agra Foods, National Starch & Chemicals, Unilever HPC, NuStar Asphalt Refining Co., Schweitzer-Mauduit Int’l., Uniqema, Rohm & Hass Chemicals, Rohm & Hass Electro Minerals Co., Keystone Steel & Wire Co.


EMI has been selected by Washington University of St. to develop and present a full day professional development seminar on Industrial Energy Infrastructures and Industrial Energy Metrics at their St. Louis campus in August. EMI is partnering with Rockwell Automation of Milwaukee, WI on the energy metrics segment of the seminar.

EMI is partnering with Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley distributor Rumsey Electric and with JMP Engineering to present a series of half day seminars on demand side energy management strategies and use of Rockwell Automation’s Factory Talk Vantage Point EMI energy monitoring software. EMI will present on energy management in infrastructures and their energy key performance metrics. These series of seminars are schedule to begin in the fall of 2015.


Today the future of EMI is bright. In addition to the energy seminars planned in the future another reason to be optimistic for the future is our partnering with Rockwell Automation to integrate our Total Quality Energy industrial key performance metrics methodology with their Factory Talk Vantage Point - EMI industrial energy monitoring software. This alliance will allow us to provide to our clients the most advanced automated technology in industrial energy multi point and multi-level monitoring. This partnering will provide to Rockwell Automation and their national distribution base experienced proven expertise in areas of energy management and monitoring that is not in their core business. We want to welcome Matthew Ayers to our team. Mr. Ayers, a graduate of the Citadel has twelve years of industrial energy management experience with demonstrated performance in industrial energy key performance metrics. I am pleased to announce that the Total Quality Energy management and monitoring project we have been retained by Premier Magnesia LLC at their Gabbs, Nevada site is in progress with substantial energy savings identified and in the process of implementation. James Wade has been assigned as the project manager and Mathew Ayers is assigned as the project engineer.

Robert G. Botelho C.E.A., President.






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