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Robert G. Botelho C.E.A., President

Robert G. Botelho has been in the energy management field for over forty years with a focus on industrial energy management since 1985. Mr. Botelho has held such positions as energy coordinator for the City of Fall River, MA and as the technical director of Coral Site Advantage (Shell Oil’s industrial energy consulting arm). In 2002 he formed Energy Management International to promote the science of Total Quality Energy. 

Edward Haas, Major (US Army retired) has thirty years’ of progressive experience in the industrial energy sector.

Email: edhaas@emi-us.com

James Wade has thirty five years’ experience in metal manufacturing and industrial operations.

Email: jwade@emi-us.com

Matt Ayers, has twelve years’ experience in industrial energy engineering and monitoring.

Email: mayers@emi-us.com

George Hollins
has thirty years in industrial energy consulting and continuous improvement.


Charles Widmark C.E.A. has twenty years’ experience in industrial energy management.

Email: cwidmark@emi-us.com

Randall Klindworth C.E.A.
has thirty years’ experience in energy management.
James Kennedy has twenty years’ experience in industry energy management.
John Stevens has thirty years of power house operations and steam systems experience.
Andrew Mello has twenty years of institutional and industrial energy management experience.

A sampling of industrial experience of the EMI team of professionals include petrochemicals, metal foundries, finished extruded metals, mid-grade and finished food products, plastic extrusion, paper manufacturing, brewing operations, tire manufacturing, mining and processing, pharmaceutical finished and mid-stream products, wet and dry corn refining, soap production, surfactants, glass manufacturing, baking operations, parts assembly and cloth production.


Energy Management International Inc. sales associates:

Robert Botelho, national sales. Email: rgbotelho@emi-us.com
Richard Nolan, southern regional sales. Email: rnolan@emi-us.com
Robert Santos, eastern regional sales. Email: rsantos@emi-us.com

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