Energy Management International specializes in conducting industrial energy and water management projects and installing energy management and monitoring systems. We can provide to your company strategic planning for long term macro control of utilities consumed at your industrial facility. These planning strategies can be applied to your single site or on a broad based centralized energy management program by utilizing an umbrella strategy.

Energy Procurement and Rate Analysis:

Energy Management International is expert in obtaining lower rates for your energy and will train your personnel on the nuances of the energy market and its' impact on your company.



Energy Management and Monitoring System Analysis

Energy Management Monitoring Systems Installation

Historic Energy Use Modeling (PREUF TOOL) Utility

Billing Audits Production Energy Requirement

Planning Production Energy Ratio Control Programs

Water and Wastewater Management Programs

Total Quality Energy Observations

Start-up and Shutdown Procedures Development

Start-up and Shutdown Procedures Development

Start-up and Shutdown Procedures Development

Energy Investment Cost Benefit Analysis

HVAC Energy Analysis

Thermographic Heat Loss Analysis

Dust Collection Systems Analysis

Hydraulic Systems Analysis

Conveyance Systems Analysis

Combustion Efficiency Analysis

Electric Motor Vibration Analysis

Steam Generation and Distribution Analysis

Compressed Air Systems Analysis

Refrigeration and Chiller Systems Analysis

Scrap and Rework Analysis


Does it really cost to use our services?

Your plant personnel already have several constraints placed on them, namely: Production and safety are their first responsibilities. Since most plants are older than the people currently working in them plant personnel have inherited conditions they did not create and don't have the time to search for energy waste and update procedures or controls for improvement. Plant personnel have five or six "hats" they sometimes wear and although energy management may be one of them they cannot give the task the concentrated time and attention needed to it to do it effectively. If they did have the time several of them would have to block out six to ten months to devote to creating an energy management and monitoring system. Whenever emergencies or contingencies would occur these people would have to either ignore the diversion or break away from the energy management project activities and lose more time "catching up" on where they were when they were diverted. Before they could begin they would have to develop a method of evaluation of results which would then have to be tested for historical accuracy. It could be several months or even years before the project could get started. In that time, you have been paying the energy cost for the inefficiencies that have not been addressed!

EMI has:

1) The concentrated time to devote to your energy management problems.

2) A superb record of past successes with qualified references.

3) An objective experienced staff which can deal effectively with the energy issues including identifying what those issues are and arriving at solutions.

4) The PREUF TOOL model for evaluating results of the energy programs.

5) The ability to perpetuate results via regular on-site energy audits.

6) The ability to start now!





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